How it works


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We're challenging you to take 132,000 steps, the equivalent of 57 miles, over either 7 days or 14 days.


Get Walking

Split the distance into smaller chunks and complete the challenge in your chosen timeframe.


Stand Together

We're aiming for 1,000 people to take part, and together, we'll be taking a combined 132 million steps.

Why 132 Million?

Our world is facing a climate crisis.

With every fraction of a degree that temperatures rise, hurricanes get stronger, droughts last longer, forests burn, and whole islands disappear into the sea. And it’s people who have done the least to cause the climate crisis – people already living in poverty – who are already suffering the worst effects.

The devastating impacts of climate change will disrupt people’s livelihoods and put their lives at risk.

It is predicted that a further 132 million people will be pushed into poverty as a result of the severe weather conditions and its impact on agriculture.

Meet Jessy

Jessy and her family live in Malawi. They rely heavily on the food she farms to eat, but climate change has turned growing crops from difficult to almost impossible. It’s not just the heat. A change in climate brings severe weather and flooding, destroying Jessy’s crops and her home. 

Tearfund’s local church partners are working alongside communities like Jessy’s. They’re planting trees along river banks to help prevent flooding and training farmers how to grow crops in difficult weather conditions.

Your support will help ensure that children no longer go hungry, and that families can provide for themselves even in challenging conditions.


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