5 easy Fairtrade swaps to make

Buying Fairtrade isn’t too difficult these days. But while we’re hearing loads about reducing our plastic in the media, we haven’t heard too much about Fairtrade lately. Fairtrade certification gives small-scale farmers in the developing world a fair and stable price and the additional Fairtrade Premium which enables them to invest in community development projects.

It’s easy to feel like Fairtrade products are a bit niche, expensive and hard to find. The good news is that there are some Fairtrade items that are ridiculously easy to get hold of so we can all make some more conscious decisions when we shop. Here are five super easy Fairtrade swaps you won’t need to think twice about.


Bananas are one of the most popular pieces of fruit in the UK and I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t eat them. We can all reach absentmindedly for the first bright yellow bananas we come across on the shelf. But Fairtrade bananas are really easy to get hold of and the price difference is minimal. Surely fair bananas taste better too?! You can find Fairtrade bananas in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Co-op (and anywhere else you know of!).


There are so many Fairtrade coffee suppliers I could never list them all. Our local shop is a co-op and it’s great to know that whenever we run out of coffee without realising we’re not too far away from great tasting, Fairtrade ground coffee. Whether you’re buying grounds to make your own coffee at home or picking up something on the go (in your reusable cup of course!) there is definitely a Fairtrade option out there. I also find that the own brand Fairtrade coffee can often be cheaper than non-Fairtrade branded coffee! My fave is AMT coffee when I’m on the go and I’ll even give it to Starbucks that they’ve done well to promote and sell Fairtrade coffee in stores. Get the full list here.


It’s super easy to find Fairtrade sugar in your local shop as loads of supermarkets and brands are stocking it! Waitrose, Sainsburys and Co-op sell own brand Fairtrade sugar. Thankfully other stores may stock Tate & Lyle sugars which are Fairtrade as well! There are also some great smaller businesses like Traidcraft and Steenbergs which may not be as easy to get hold of but have some great options for you, including flavoured sugar! These would be so good on pancakes. Oh.. did I miss Pancake Day?!


Can you swap your basic cotton t-shirt to one made from Fairtrade cotton instead? How about your make up remover pads? The price of cotton has crashed over the years, creating instability for farmers. Buying Fairtrade helps to support these farmers with a stable price for their crop. Fairtrade cotton pads can easily be found in Boots, Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys. For clothes, I love the pieces from Know the Origin.


Next time you’re satisfying your sweet tooth why not reach for the Fairtrade bar. Fairtrade chocolate is widely available, with many of the major brands using it. This has got to be the easiest swap any of us can make. Whether it’s an afternoon craving, a bar specifically for baking or a massive Easter egg – you’d barely notice the switch. You can find Fairtrade chocolate in nearly every supermarket and other more surprising places as well – like Oxfam charity shops! My fave is Divine chocolate. It’s quite literally divine!

With all these things, make sure to check the labels on these items before you buy. It shouldn’t take long to see the Fairtrade mark clearly listed on the items. What easy Fairtrade swap can you make this week? Tell us over on Instagram – @wearetearfund! Get loads more information on the Fairtrade Foundation website www.fairtrade.org.uk.

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