A broken world redeemed by grace

We want to go back to normal
Pre Covid when we felt we were free
All these restrictions so abnormal!
But looking back what do we see?

The poor sea riddled with plastic
The world heating up like never before,
It took a virus for it to click
This is a problem we can’t ignore.

Young children who lose all their rights
Can’t go to school they must provide
Money tight no time for fights
A dream one day to play outside

Race and skin tone still cause divide
Reclaim the past that shaped us all
Discrimination, product of pride
Segregation still here, hear the call.

Wars being fought all across the world
Innocent people hurt, we can’t argue
Armies deployed, weapons hurled
Just pretend, what if it was you?

Some women still treated like less
Privilege, experience and pay cut.
Unequal in the law, what a mess
Girls told to run, go with their gut.

The world we loved is broken
Let’s all stand together as one
Don’t leave these issues unspoken
There is much work left to be done.

Time to work at a speedy pace
The world can’t go back to this place.
Everyone needs to run this race
This broken world redeemed by grace.

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