A world rebooted

‘As we think about the world reopening after the Coronavirus pandemic, how could we envision a more just and equal world for everyone?’

It’s the question we asked many of you this year, and you did not disappoint with your responses! Over 70 of you submitted incredible pieces of work that envisioned a brighter future where justice and equality are the norm. And we’ve had all types of responses – articles, paintings, songs, videos, poetry and even comic books! We managed to highlight some of our favourites throughout the year, but here’s some more you may have missed.


‘Justice is the Norm’ by Phoebe Smith

We had some brilliant pieces of art submitted, using a number of different mediums. Emma’s painting encouraged us to look up past our own little world, Zoe used a comic strip to explore our online worlds, Amy made a collage celebrating diversity, and Lois brought to life a sustainable economy in her painting.


‘Made to be’ by Ethan Noble

The musical talent continued was on display throughout the year. Anna’s song ‘This is Time’ was a soaring call to act against injustice now, while Conchúr creatively sampled some of the year’s biggest headlines in ‘What Next’.


‘Building Back Better’ by Amy Atwell

We had all sorts of videos submitted including; Jem’s deep dive into the theology of Jubilee, Corrin’s vox pox of reflections on life before and after lockdown, and Rebekah and Nat delivering a video podcast on justice.

Spoken word

‘What if We’re More Connected Than we Think’ by Cleo Rigby

There were a number of budding poets who delivered some great spoken word pieces. Bupi wondered what true equality could look like, Holly’s powerful performance rallied us to justice, Sophie gathered some friends to join God’s mission, and Neja took us on a journey of reconnecting with creation.

Creative writing

‘God’s Justice Letter’ by Rachel Groves

Many of you submitted incredible creative writing that helped us see justice with a new perspective. Patrick’s ‘Life Speedometer’ was a timely message to slow down, Isabel narrated her short story with a powerful metaphor for education ‘I Just Slipped Through the Net’, and Heather used vivid imagery to bring hope alive in ‘Silenced’.


‘A Just and Equal World’ by Naomi Jervis

We loved reading the brilliant articles and blog posts submitted this year too. Jack got upfront and honest about the difficulties in envisioning a more just world, Maddie asked whether the pandemic could bring out the best in us, and Hope reflected on all she’s learnt this year.

There’s plenty more submissions to check out and get you inspired to join the call to making the world a more just and equal place. If you want to check them out or even submit your own, just head to our World Rebooted page.

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