Declaration 2023: what to expect

Intro to ‘Declaration’

Lian Jacobs: The Well is a powerful initiative working with churches and Christians from African and Caribbean heritage to tackle extreme poverty and injustice. Declaration is The Well’s national week of prayer that unites local churches through worship, teaching and faith in action. It runs from 9-13 January 2023, providing a week full of events and opportunities for you.

What is the vision of Declaration?

Starting the year in a time of thanksgiving and praying for breakthroughs in the year to come is so important. Core to this is bringing our brothers and sisters impacted by global poverty and the climate crisis before the Lord.

1 John 5:14 says, ‘this is the confidence that we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us’ (NIV). We stand on the promises of God through the word that we will see our prayers answered as we enter into a new year. 

Who are the people that make it happen?

We have gathered some inspirational and anointed speakers, theologians, activists and worship leaders to share throughout the week what God has laid on their spirits. These line up with our daily themes. These speakers are influential leaders from Black Majority Churches across the U.K, such as Samuel Bella (Light London), Rhona Tackie (Arc 2.0), Juanita Francis (Ruach City Church) and Wayne Brown (Life), to name a few.

We believe you will be blessed, inspired and challenged over the week to continue developing your prayer life. Through this week, we hope you understand more deeply how your faith and action can work together to be a blessing to our global neighbours, churches and communities.

What is being declared?

Lian Jacobs: We declare God’s promises and His word over this world, this nation and our lives. This year we have refreshed the daily themes we focus on, which will be a common thread throughout all sessions. We link back to what we are doing (Tearfund/The Well) across the world: 

These themes include: 

  • Unity: we will be praying for a united church that values and honours all its members, particularly those marginalised and impacted by injustice. 
  • Peace: we seek peace in our world through restoration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.
  • Transformation: we will pray for transformed hearts and minds that seek justice as a way of life.
  • Liberate: we are asking the Lord to free His people holistically and protect those affected by conflict.
  • Hope: we want to thank God for the hope we have in Him and the glory to come. The hope for a better future through Him.

Why on earth would someone wake up for a 7am prayer meeting?

Leona Bird: Prayer in the morning is important because we meet God before we meet the circumstances of life. This time allows us to speak to God from our hearts and reflect by being still and listening to God’s voice. Let’s talk to God before we speak to anyone else. 

Psalm 5:3, ‘In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch’ (Amplified version). Don’t let thoughts of yesterday hold you back, questions of today take over, and fears of tomorrow loom with anxiety or stress. We can find it easier to arrange our lives if we keep our eyes fixed firmly on the Lord. 

Start your day with 60 minutes of prayer motivation led by key prayer leaders from UK African and Caribbean Churches. Our live stream will encourage you into that place of prayer. Take this week’s morning prayer time to be inspired with others across the UK. Ask God for wisdom and understanding as we begin our day. 

Starting the New Year with Scripture…

Tamara Brissett: A daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God can transform lives. YouVersion creates Biblically-centred, culturally relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God daily. These experiences create opportunities for anyone’s daily routine, ultimately helping form a spiritually-rich rhythm of seeking God intimately. 

Jeremiah 29:13 says, ‘and you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart’ (NKJV). There are many ways we can seek God – through prayer, worship, fellowship but most importantly, through reading the Bible daily. The word is not just instructions or a guide to how we as Christians should live our lives, but it’s our daily bread. The word is life, and God directly speaks to us every time we read scripture. 

This year, Declaration’s YouVersion study will be spread across five days with devotionals written by key leaders of influence. The devotionals will be nothing short of encouraging and transformational. We would love to encourage you all to join us each day as we seek God to hear what he has to say to us during this season. 

How can I be part of this?

Kate Moreton: You can attend so many events during the week! You can get involved by:

  • as Leona says, set your alarm and start your morning in prayer by joining us at 7am on Facebook
  • or come to a theology session on Zoom at lunchtime (make sure you register!)
  • feel free to book a ticket to be in the TV studio live as we broadcast to TBN UK
  • and get on Instagram for a We Are Tearfund afterparty!

Make sure to follow all of our updates from the event schedule on Instagram @thewellorg and to check out our afterparties on our Instagram @wearetearfund. 

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