How to make the most of being online in lockdown

Now that we’re stuck indoors, why not deep dive into a new topic while at home; from craftivism to justice, and theology to social media, there is plenty we can be immersing ourselves in while the world is on pause.

Social media; more than just being social

After a week of lockdown, it is clear that social media is now for more than just being social. This is a platform to really connect with friends, get our news, support our communities, and importantly continue activism online. 

Being an activist online can be a powerful tool, and right now we have more time than ever if you want to take to the virtual streets! 

Whether that’s writing ‘letters’ to your local MP, businesses, big corporations, or organisations who you want to change for the better, or joining a movement like the online Climate Strikes or Fashion Revolution Week, there is so much choice for getting stuck into a campaign during our time at home! 

Why not get creative? Sharing some craftivism; painting, drawing, or being musical online and sharing on social media.  Do you want to know how to create a spoken world? Check out our YouTube video with Chris’ top tips for writing one!

A crash course in justice

Here at Tearfund, we are all about justice. We are seeking to lift people out of poverty, and balance the scales across the world. From fast fashion to hunger, plastic waste and climate change, we look at the pressing issues creating injustice in our world, and how we can make a difference as individuals, and communities. Why not spend some time having a crash course in justice? 

Check out this amazing podcast with Rene August or this YouTube video about Emma’s first encounter with justice! 

Theology 101

One of the biggest opportunities this lockdown has given us, is the time to re-centre and reset ourselves, and importantly draw near to God. Why not spend some time diving into theology, or simply getting to know the Bible better. The Bible Project has many online resources with short videos to look at covering many topics about how and when different books of the Bible were written,, as well as  diving into different stories throughout the scriptures.

Why not try videoing yourself doing the World Health Organisation recommended 20 second hand washing whilst trying to name as many Bible books as you can! Make sure you tag @WeAreTearfund!

Community isn’t just local, it’s global!

There has been a lot of emphasis on communities since the beginning of this new world situation. There have been amazing stories of local communities coming together to help one another through these times, supporting our neighbours and vulnerable in the community. However we know that community is much more than local, it’s global! Let’s fill up our virtual world with members of our global community; our brothers and sisters from around the world. Make sure you join us on Instagram @WeAreTearfund, and also check out some people in the community:

  1. @nellahgrace
  2. @introoutroyt
  3. @samhibbard
  4. Jos Green Centre
  5. @zerowastedoc
  6. @lesswastelaura
  7. @elle_limebear
  8. @guvnaB
  9. @thewayuk

Make your new routine!

Time to reset. Time to re-centre. Time to make a new routine. 

Check out our blog about ways of staying connected in a world of isolation, and our blog about how to get the most out of our spare time!

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