Is this a wake up call?

Is this a wake up call?
Is it time to act?
How many more people must fall?
Before we decide to react?

The world is starting to spring back to life
And after weeks of being inside
We might just get back to our normal
But before we start to celebrate
Before we call our friends, and make our plans
Let’s take time to think

Let’s think about the countries that are about to hit their peak
Their future looks bleak
Let’s think about the millions of people that have lost almost every aspect of their life
Their very existence stands on the edge of a knife

It’s been hard for us all
That is something we cannot deny
But how can we envision a world that is just? That is equal for all?
Our lives cannot be the same, they won’t be
Not all of our worlds are re-opening
And until everyone’s world does, we are not living in a planet that is just

So let’s be the generation that changes that

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