Lost in time

If you’re anything like me, the period between Christmas and New Years can get a bit hazy. I start going to bed later, waking up later, only eating some variation of Christmas leftovers, and the days start to merge into one. It’s great! In our non-stop society, it’s difficult to find time to rest. But this little stretch of time is the perfect guilt-free time to relax. So here’s five ways you can maximise resting in this period.

1. Listen and learn

We live in the age of podcasts and there are plenty of amazing ones to choose from. I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug our very own Together Podcast. With topics covering everything from creativity, worship, justice, entrepreneurship and more, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Listen as you go for a winter walk or finally get around to cleaning up the mess from Christmas dinner!

2. Feed your inner bookworm

I struggle to read much during busy work weeks, but the Christmas holiday is a great opportunity to engrossed in a book. Whether you want to dive into a fantasy novel or get a new perspective on justice, now is the perfect time. Of course, the Bible always remains a great option and can easily be done with friends too. Speaking of which…

3. Get together

It’s tempting to stay cooped up in the warmth of your house with some blankets, but you’re likely to get a bit stir-crazy. Instead be intentional about meeting up with friends and family. Maybe go see someone you haven’t been able to for awhile due to time or distance. The holidays are a great time to hang out with others without having to worry about waking up early for that 9am lecture. If you’ve got introverted tendencies like me, make sure you still take time out for yourself too!

4. Pray up a storm

With more time on your hands and less distractions, use the opportunity to have some quality time with God. And remember, there’s no set way to pray. Whether you want to sing out in worship, sit in silence, thank God for the year, pray for others or anything else, take the time to connect with your Heavenly Father and enjoy the relationship he desires with us.

5. Look ahead

With the year coming to an end, what better time is there to start asking what you want in the next? Use the time to reflect on all you have managed to do this year and what you can learn from it. Then you can look forward to what God’s calling you to for the new year. You don’t have to create a day-by-day plan, but it’s great to write out your vision and let God dream through you. A big part of that is how you could make the world a more just place next year. Whether it’s a lifestyle change, awareness raising or otherwise, the possibilities are endless!

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