Praying for conflict in the world

When faced with a crisis or a conflict situation, it can be hard to know how to pray. But the desire to pray itself is a great place to start.

Tearfund works in countries facing conflict right now. Here are some situations you could pray for: 

*Tearfund doesn’t usually work in Europe, so in this case we’re supporting our Christian partners in Ukraine to provide food, bedding and temporary accommodation to refugees fleeing Ukraine.

 Pray for people affected by the violence

  • That people in conflict zones will be protected from the violence; that there will be provision of essential supplies, such as food and clean water. Pray for vulnerable people who cannot flee, for example those with disabilities or the elderly.
  • That refugees will find safe places to stay. Especially when refugees are being discriminated against on racial grounds – pray that there will be compassion and support for all.
  • For healing for people who are wounded or have experienced trauma; and comfort for those who are grieving.

Pray for those in positions of leadership

  • That leaders on both sides of conflict will be filled with compassion, wisdom, calm and a desire for peace. 
  • That world leaders will seek ways to build bridges, de-escalate tensions, and restore global security.

Pray for the church

  • That the church in the wider region of conflict will be a voice for peace; and that they will have the resources they need to help people who are vulnerable.
  • That the church and other organisations around the world will have the courage and conviction to speak out against aggression and injustice.
  • That God’s power will be revealed through the church in the situation you are praying about – bringing a message of love and hope in the midst of the darkness.

Pray for the global impact 

  • There will be knock on effects in conflict to wider regions, and the rest of the world. Pray for the damage to be contained and stability to return. 

Pray for peace

  • That there will be an immediate end to the violence – that peace will come sooner than anyone could have expected or hoped for.
  • That diplomatic solutions will be found that will lead to lasting peace in the region.
  • That people who have fled will be able to return home, and that what has been destroyed will be rebuilt.
  • For strength for individuals and organisations working for peace at local, national and regional levels. 
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