Reboot, reduce, recycle

The world awakens and what do we see?

Heroes simply stocking shelves with brie

A newfound appreciation for those on the front line

Rainbows for the NHS becoming a hopeful sign.

Look up at the sky what is up above?

A house martin, a swallow or even a dove?

A clear blue sky where blackbirds sound

With not a particle of pollution to be found.

A trip to the shops and how does one feel?

A one-way system seems a good deal

Cannot try before we buy so we overspend

Getting more than we bargained for in the end.

At home to our neighbours what do we say?

‘Hi, how you are doing, hope you have a good day’

Pick up the newspaper for the next door down

Making sure everyone is provided for in your town.

When we get on a train what do we do?

Wear a mask, keep one metre distance or even two

Show respect by giving people space

And treating the conductors with equal grace.

Yet when we dive in the oceans, this is what we see

Piles of disposable cups used for tea

Mask upon mask adding to the gyres

As well as a bunch of unused spare tyres.

Reboot, Reduce and Recycle is the only way

We can truly appreciate a post COVID day

A future that is green and plastic free

That began from a vision in 2020.

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