The weight of the moment sits stagnant in the conditioned air. 

As we sip our chilled drinks in the safety of the store, we watch as the 




Traipse towards the border, ever closer.

The questions hang heavy in our hands, full of food we don’t need as we wonder

How many have passed over that line 

Enslaved by the hands of those who have stolen their freedom from them.

The questions hang heavy in our hands, as we quench our thirst from the suffocating heat

Is there anyone in that truck, that lorry, that car

Who doesn’t belong there; who has been




We wonder alike as we indulge in our freedom,

How many have gone across that line, 

Unknown, unseen,


But we have a hope stronger than the chains that bind.

A faith so strong those chain links clink open at the sound of His name.

How dare we doubt?

When at His Word the very ground beneath our feet could open?

At the snap of His fingers, broken relationships healed.

A gentle whisper from Him and doors are flung open wide.

Our prayers, a weapon.

Our worship, our warfare. 

We cannot stop fighting for justice. 

Those silenced voices cannot afford to be lost.

And with God on our side, the weight of the moment is lifted.

As we know, in the silence, 

He is working.

And now, here we are, locked inside our houses,

With nothing to do but sit and see,

As the world ticks by, and the streets grow quiet,

A pandemic making us ask, what could our country be?

But not just our country, could the planet grow stronger?

As we’ve sat in our windows with all this to ponder.

Could we turn a corner, a generation for change,

A turning point in history, where we can rearrange

The way in which our world looks, to look further than our street,

To think further than our bubble, to the people we will never meet.

Maybe there are others, who cannot cry out.

Those that I prayed for with my heart filled with doubt.

If God can bring us through this, 

If the church can expand when we are forced apart,

If he can save those who are captured and lost,

If God can rescue, no matter the cost,

We have a hope.

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