The 2019 ethical Christmas gift guide

It’s about that time of year again, where many of us panic at our inability to find the perfect gift . And that’s not even mentioning finding a gift that’s ethical as well. To help you on your quest, here’s a few ideas for ethical Christmas gifts:

Style and substance

There are few things more thoughtful than taking notice of someone’s great dress sense and buying them something that compliments it. Unless you think they have terrible style and are actually trying to point them in the right direction – a different kind of thoughtful. Ethical retailers like Know the Origin and Brothers We Stand have a huge range of brands worth checking out.

The everyday gift

For many people, the first hurdle in living more sustainably is knowing what to do. So why not get someone started on their sustainability journey with a gift? Whether it’s a reusable water bottle, a sustainable shaving kit or even vegan cooking lessons, there’s plenty of ways to get them inspired.

Words of wisdom

Those few days between Christmas and New Year can feel like slipping into a time sink. But instead of letting it go to waste, give someone a book they can read with the extra time. Whether it’s Micah Bourne’s Fight Evil With Poetry or Lil Dyu’s Earth Heroes for younger readers, there’s plenty of great options out there.

Stocking fillers

I’ve been caught in a few debates about what exactly constitutes a stocking filler. Is there a price limit or is it literally if it’s small enough to fit? Either way, here’s a few ideas that could potentially work. Tony’s Chocolonely is sure to ethically satisfy sweet tooth’s on Christmas day. Then to make sure those teeth don’t fall out, you can double up with a bamboo toothbrush. In fact there’s a whole range of ethical toiletries you can explore.

These are just a few ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping this year. If you have any other suggestions, get in touch with us on Instagram @WeAreTearfund and let us know!

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