The climate strike checklist

At this point, it may feel like not many people need convincing that we have a climate emergency. However continued inaction has proved that message is still not being heard. And that’s why students across the world have said enough is enough. The global climate strike movement could prove to be an important step to seeing a real response from us as individuals, and from the powers that be. If you’re interested in going but not sure what to expect, then this checklist is for you.

1. Know why you’re there

The climate emergency is an issue that’s close to a lot of our hearts. And as we discussed on the Together Podcast, we must act with urgency. While striking alone won’t solve the climate crisis, it’s crucial to pushing for greater action. You can find out more about the strikes here. And if you’re under 18, we recommend talking to your parents/guardians about taking part.

2. Get creative

Making a placard is a great way to get your message across to the masses. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of words to seep into the subconscious. Iconic signs like ‘There is no planet B’ and funny ones like ‘stop trying to make coal happen [insert mean girls pic]’ are clever ways to grab someone’s attention who may have otherwise looked away.

3. Be ready to march

At the event I went to, the march had an energy that shifted from chants outside of no.10 to impromptu sitting protests. So if you want to go along, make sure you’re ready for a lot of walking. Wear comfy shoes and as always, be prepared for the British weather to do the unexpected.

4. Be prepared to meet opposition

Despite needing an urgent response, the climate crisis is unfortunately not high on everyone’s priority list. I still remember seeing a grown adult calling hundreds of young people marching ‘snowflakes’. A pretty bizarre moment… but I say that to highlight that not everyone will agree with what you’re doing. In that moment you have a choice in how you’ll respond. Will you see them as an ‘enemy’ or respond in love?

5. Amplify your voice

While you don’t have to bring your own megaphone, the strikes are a great chance to spread the message. Why not report live from the strike to Instagram? You can catch the attention of your friends who may not go. You can even tag @wearetearfund in your stories to share what’s happening.

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