The Hope of Change

During the Covid-19 pandemic the world has been awakened to the reality of racial injustices across the world today. As a result of a particular death of an African American man, people stand to say enough is enough, if there’s no justice there’s no peace. However, this movement is not just about George Floyd but about anyone and everyone who is born with dark skin. 

“Black Lives Matter” is not just a hashtag trend but a movement for change for our future. 

This painting is to highlight the issue of tomorrow. 

How will our future change and how are we going to participate in that? 

In this painting we see a mother with her child surrounded around darkness to represent how racism has left people in the dark. However, there is a light shining from the position of the person outside of the painting to show that we, if we choose to be, can be bringing of hope. 

How are we as a society and as individuals choosing to make choices for today to impact the world of tomorrow?

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