The Life Speedometer

The world is a place driven by people and the events of this year were like a handbrake.

We started with the possibility of WW3 over a man acting irresponsibly.

Then a virus threatened the world and showed us of our mortality

And today many people risk their lives for centuries of unaddressed issues.

‘Black lives do matter’ yet black mothers don’t forget your tissues.

My hope for the world after COVID-19 is simple.

A slower world, not one where we exploit each other, with our feet kicking down the ladder.

Scrambling above one another.

A world able to breathe, in relief it rests.

A stop to all the chemicals and pollution it normally ingests

A world where we see people in poor communities survive.

A world in the west where the relationship of families thrive.

A world where we look behind our shoulder not out of fear, but to look for the people we have left behind.

Helping them up not for our own gain but simply to be kind.

Let’s slow down the gauge, let’s lower the numbers.

I want to exit lockdown with my sisters and my brothers.

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