The top articles of 2019

Well this year has been quite the rollercoaster. We dived into a world of rubbish, the climate strikes became one of the biggest global youth-led movements we’ve ever seen and UK politics was all over the place. However you’re planning to usher in 2020, in the meantime, check out some of our most popular articles from this year.

10. Let’s Talk About Loss interview

Christmas can often be a difficult season for those missing loved ones. This National Grief Awareness Week, Kate Moreton spoke to Beth French, the founder and managing director of Let’s Talk About Loss. She spoke about the importance of community in reaching those who may be suffering. Read more

9. God cares about your mental health

On last week’s episode of the Together Podcast we were taken on a mindfulness journey. It’s a great reminder that we should take out time to look after our mental health. Dannielle has found that in difficult times God has given her the tools she needs to overcome. Her story could help you find light in the darkness and a more authentic relationship with God. Read more

8. Scrolling under the influence

It feels impossible to go more than a minute on social media without being advertised to. How can we avoid the temptation to spend when it’s constantly in our face? Megan recently found practical ways to get rid of the online clutter. Find out how her social media feed now inspires her justice journey instead. Read more

7. Ethical Fatigue

The Together Podcast provides some great tips for making ethical lifestyle changes this year. Although it’s early days, being consistent down the road can be a struggle. Megan shares her own challenges in living justly and offers encouragement to all on how not to grow weary doing good. Read more

6. Saving the planet, one crisp packet at a time

As the Rubbish Revolution continues growing, more people are chipping in to stop our waste problem. We recently met Grace, who’s started a crisp packet collection service. Find out more about her story and get some tips for reducing your rubbish. Read more

5. Freedom from fear

It’s national volunteer week and we’re taking a look at one volunteer’s journey from fear to freedom. Mairi spent three months in Malawi and found herself learning more than she imagined. Find out how volunteering could grow your faith. Read more

4. How to declutter

With a new year upon us, it’s an opportunity for many of us to leave bad habits behind. Is a frantic lifestyle leaving you feeling all over the place? Alex offers some thoughts on how to live more simply in 2019. His tips could help you form ethical and money-saving habits, that leave more room for God in your life. Read more

3. Saying goodbye to Soul Survivor

After an incredible 26 years, this August marks the final ever Soul Survivor! It’s left a huge impact on many of us over the years, so it will definitely be missed! We spoke to Megan and Abi who shared what Soul Survivor has meant to them. Read along and be inspired to leave your own legacy of world changers. Read more

2. We built this city on sausage rolls

There’s plenty of hype surrounding the launch of Greggs’ new vegan sausage roll. But the all important question is: how does it taste? Caitlin’s review will leave your mouth-watering for ethical food production that cares for our climate… and of course, a sausage roll. Read more

1. Freedom through coffee with Manumit

This World Day against Trafficking we caught up with Esther Gibbs, director of Manumit Coffee. As well as raising money for anti slavery projects, the company also employs survivors of trafficking. Find out more about her story and how you can help put an end to modern day slavery. Read more

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