The true Christmas story

Listen to The True Christmas Story performed by James Pickin:


A moment

We stop



And peace



The Christmas Story

We’ve heard it before

Guiding stars

Muddy stable floors


If you could capture that moment

What would it be

Peace, joy, such sweet serenity

A moment

As onlookers we pause

The scene stops there

No before and after

No pain, no despair

We stop

The Christmas story

The cosmic collide

Of God made man 

Divinity and humanity

Eternal opportunity

Yet we try to hide

That, that comfortable Christmas scene

Meshes with pain and poverty

The little Lord Jesus 

No crying he makes

Yet the tears of mother’s echo

As Herod’s hate outbreaks


Feet blistered and hunger pangs

The cries of genocide still follow

As the Christ family now refugees

Fear of what could be of tomorrow


Cast your minds back

To the scene we gazed at

Where babe was sleeping

Mother and Father sat

And Peace

Let not our Christmas story be comfortable 

But let comfort and pain sit 

In holy union at the feet of the Christ

As the refugee and those in poverty

Sit with peace, joy and sweet serenity



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