We built this city on sausage rolls

I don’t know about you, but I very much enjoyed the sausage roll rendition of ‘We Built This City’ which was last Christmas’ number one hit single. And it seems that Sausage Rolls are all the craze right now with Greggs launching their first vegan sausage roll last week! After seeing all the hype on Twitter, I headed to Greggs in my lunch break to give it a go…

With it being launch day I was nervous they would be sold out. Especially after hearing other stores had big demands of eager customers. I arrived at my local store and was greeted with a bustling lunch queue and an empty tray on the shelf labelled ‘NEW! Vegan Sausage Rolls’. I made it to the front of the queue and in anticipation asked whether they had anymore. They were delighted to tell me that they would be out of the oven in 10 minutes… RESULT! I waited alongside the other keen customers until we saw the sausage rolls emerge from the oven.

With one bite, I fell in love.


It tasted amazing, if not better, than the regular Greggs sausage roll that we all know and love. They’d done a great job on making the filling flavoursome and of a similar consistency to sausage meat. It was so good that I went back to the store for another one! Plus it was great knowing that my consumption wasn’t causing as much harm to the planet.

Simple changes to our diet can play a big part in reducing our impact on climate change. Farming livestock produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change and results in more floods, droughts and less reliable rainfall for people living in poverty. But simple swaps like opting for vegan sausage rolls, or joining in with the record number of people taking part in Veganuary, can make a big difference to reducing our own contribution to climate change.

So in 2019, will you join me in building a better future on vegan sausage rolls?

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