What 2020 taught me about community

If you’re anything like me, weeks of being stuck inside at home during quarantine has left you reflecting on life and evaluating the meaning of the cosmos. While I admit this has led me down a few too many existential rabbit holes, it’s also been incredibly helpful to slow down, reflect and remember what I value in my life. Whether that be my faith, my three-legged cat, or good music and food. 

However, what stood out to me most in the last few months is the value of community. An aspect of life that is often overlooked during the day-to-day hustle and bustle of normal life, but has increasingly been brought under the magnifying glass in the year so far. Leaving us to ponder and think about community a bit deeper than we usually would.

Its ability to be found in unexpected places 

With lockdown separating us physically, we have had to look for company in new virtual pastures. Online movie nights with friends, zoom calls with youth groups, and maybe even attempting to teach your tech-inept grandparents how to facetime. We have had to adapt and change how we interact with each other, exploring and creating new ways online to keep interconnected with one another. 

At the same time while we connect with those we already know; it has also provided pathways to connect with those we may be unlikely to meet in person. The recent Black Lives Matter protests which have called for action to be taken against racist systems prevalent in society and government, has been supported and bolstered by an online community of people. People that can now come together, hear, share and support each other. This has created an unforeseen drive for justice that has been spreading across the globe (and the web).

Its power to influence 

So, we can find community in unexpected places. but what can we do with it? Being part of a group unified in similar interests, goals, or passions, gives us a platform through which we can help those most in need in our communities. 

By looking at some of the problems people around us are facing, we can see what issues we can use our social influence to help. Whether that be helping people in your local community, using your social media presence to raise awareness of issues in our society, or even just praying with a friend who needs support. We can use our influence in our communities to create a change and make the world that little bit of a better place.

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