Why the refugee crisis?

At least 89.3 million people globally are forced to flee their homes. Among them are nearly 27.1 million refugees, around half of whom are under 18. Often fleeing with little or nothing, they face unknown challenges on their journey to safety. We believe the refugee crisis is a key priority for young people, this is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters worldwide.



You can participate in this challenge by yourself, with friends or with your youth group. The more money you raise, the more your supporters can ask you to do dares or activities during your journey to make it more engaging.

The aim of this challenge is to help you get a deeper understanding of the life of a refugee whilst also encouraging those around you to get more involved. Friends and family can choose to walk with you, share on social media and donate to your campaign!


We challenge you to travel the same distance that a refugee would have to travel to escape their contexts. But there’s more – you have to do it within 30 days! As part of your journey, people that donate to your fundraiser can challenge you to a series of dares that can make your travels more challenging, fun or meaningful.


If you are taking part in this daring journey by yourself, try these distances: 

Damascus to border with Lebanon: 32km/20mi (Short) – 840,929 people

Kabul to border with Pakistan: 184km/115mi (Medium) – 1,490,562 people

Naypyidaw to border with Bangladesh: 416km/260mi (Long) – 918,898 people


If you are part of this daring journey in a group, try these distances: 

For smaller groups (5-10):

Juba to border with Ethiopia: 392km/245mi (Short) – 386,750 people

Caracas to border with Brazil: 824km/515mi (Medium) – 48,931 people

Naypyidaw to border with Malaysia: 1504km/940mi (Long) – 120,598 people

For larger groups (10+):

Damascus to border with Sudan: 1272km/795mi (Short) – 93,482 people

Caracas to the border with USA: 3688km/2305mi (Medium) – 18,735 people

Kabul to border with France: 5248km/3280mi (Long) – 49,990 people

We understand that your group may have different ability levels, so feel free to adapt the journey to what best suits your needs. The walk aims to model the journey refugees take, so the emphasis is on the journey element rather than how it is completed.