Every 30 seconds one person dies from diseases from mismanaged waste and plastics. One in four people globally do not have access to regular waste collection. They have to burn or dump waste, which causes illness and makes the effects of climate change so much worse. Yet, companies still package products in single-use plastic, and plastic production doubled during the last two decades?

For the first time ever, nearly 200 governments are coming together to build an agreement on plastic pollution. We have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use our voices to ensure this agreement works!

Together, let’s stop this rubbish situation now.

Got faith to move mountains?

Mountains of plastic waste are building around the world. Jesus told his followers that even the smallest amount of faith can move mountains. Join us in prayer and action to demand an end to plastic pollution and this rubbish problem.

The UK will be one of the governments working out the terms of the agreement. We’ve launched a petition to tell them the key things that this decision should include to reduce the impacts of plastic pollution on people living in poverty. Movements of Christians across more than ten countries and six continents are demanding the same. 

Together, we are calling for an agreement that:

  • reduces plastic production
  • provides access to waste collection and recycling for everyone
  • supports waste pickers to find work that is safe and fairly paid
  • and ensures businesses and governments take action.

You can share your faith and join your voice with ours by signing the petition below.

Make your voice count

During 2023 and 2024, governments around the world are meeting to develop an agreement on plastic pollution. Let’s not throw away this chance to raise our voices and ensure that this agreement works for everyone in poverty.

To make your voice count, sign the petition by submitting your details below.

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Plastic pollution makes flooding worse because the water can’t drain into rivers. Local churches and Tearfund partners work to give food and housing to the people who are affected by flooding. Your donation would go towards supporting their work.

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