LessonsKey Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Religious Studies lessons which explore what poverty is and the church’s role in ending extreme poverty.

AssembliesThis is a guide for an interactive and visually engaging assembly about poverty.

Form time / CU – This library of resources (called Together Groups) is regularly updated to help your form engage with relevant issues impacting the world; the plastic problem, the war on waste, fast fashion and more.


Unique personality profile – harness the excitement of the quiz and enable young people to discover the most effective way that they can contribute to ending extreme poverty. 

Together Groups – Our Together Groups have great actions at the end of each cause. At the end of each resource you will find a great range of actions linking to pupils’ quiz results. Don’t forget to tell us how you have got on so we can celebrate you and your pupils.

Sign petitions – Join We Are Tearfund’s campaign, OnePointFive, asking world leaders to commit to creating policies that aim to keep the world below an increase of 1.5 degrees. Once completed, please send them to:

c/o YEG team
100 Church Rd
TW11 8QE


Fundraising is a great way for young people to put what they’ve learned into practice. It also allows them to witness a tangible contribution to poverty alleviation. 

Big Bake – Enjoy cake? Raise money for people in poverty by getting your pupils to host a Big Bake. More information can be found here

Non-school uniform day, sponsored silences, the classics! 

Want to order some fundraising resources or want help organising your event. Get in touch with our community fundraising team that would love to support and cheer you on.