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Keeping to COP26 promises

Christmas is a time of hope. Our hope is that climate catastrophe is averted for the poorest and most climate-vulnerable countries, and that the pledges made at COP26 are fulfilled. Boris Johnson spoke some strong words about climate change at COP26 – but will the UK government follow through? When it comes to climate action, the proof is in the pudding. Join us in sending a message to politicians this Christmas and hold the UK Government accountable. To join in, add your name to one of our many cards headed to MPs/MSPs.

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We want to send local MPs/MSPs Christmas cards wishing them joy this Christmas season and all the best for the New Year. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to remind them of the importance of ensuring that 1.5°C stays alive, signed off by you, the members of the We Are Tearfund community.

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