Ep 72 – A year of inspiration from our 2022 guests

This year, we have had fantastic conversations covering many topics, from decolonising, navigating climate grief, and breaking the stigma around HIV. We’ve talked about pilgrimage, creativity and songwriting to leadership and speaking out. 

As we round off the year and wish you a Happy Christmas, tune in for a reminder of why we pursue justice with some of our guests’ thought-provoking stories shared this year. 

Episodes highlighted:

  • Ep 60 – Holy activism with Jonathan Tremaine Thomas
  • Ep 69 – Empowering truth with Marc Antoine in Haiti
  • Ep 61 – A pandemic pilgrimage with YCCN
  • Ep 62 – Mercifully breaking the stigma with Mercy Shibemba
  • Ep 70 – Representation, leadership and justice with Shermara Fletcher
  • Ep 63 – From prison cells to prayer with Josh Green

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