5 reasons you should attend The Justice Conference

Last year, a mere few weeks before the entire world went into lockdown, I had the pleasure of attending The Justice Conference UK. Unaware of what was just around the corner, I had an incredible time hearing from inspirational voices, meeting other pursuers of justice and eating some great food.

It goes without saying the world is a very different place now. However, The Justice Conference team refuse to let the pandemic stop them this year. Instead they’re delivering a 24-hour virtual conference on the 23 May! If you’re debating whether or not to grab a ticket, here’s five reasons you definitely should…

1. Hear from inspirational speakers

The Justice Conference is home to some incredible speakers from all around the world. It’s rare that you get to hear so many diverse voices bringing their perspectives together on a range of issues. Last year I was blown away by speakers like Rene August, Andy Flannagan and Robert Beckford who shared from their seasoned experience of justice work. This year’s line up is already shaping up to be just as inspirational, if not more…

2. More bang for your buck

Not only will you get to hear from the amazing speakers contributing to The Justice Conference UK, but with 24 hour access, you’ll get to hear from the speakers at the Hong Kong and Australia conferences too. And you don’t have to watch it all in one go either – you’ll get triple the amount of content, with the freedom to watch when you want and for a fraction of the price.

3. Be a part of the global church

In all honesty when I went to last year’s Justice Conference I was feeling a bit jaded by a few things. It felt like there were a lot of social issues in the world that the church was failing to address meaningfully. ‘Will the church ever look outside its own four walls?’ I thought to myself. Well, The Justice Conference was truly a breath of fresh air. With everything from the climate emergency to racial injustice being addressed it restored in me the idea that the church can be at the forefront of social change. Whether or not you’re own church is at the forefront of justice work, The Justice Conference is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we come together.

4. Meet other like minded people

When you’re passionate about justice, it’s easy to feel alienated by others who see it as an afterthought to Sunday service. But being at The Justice Conference felt like meeting people who finally spoke the same language as me. As well as the mainstage speakers, it’s the conversations with the people I happened to sit next to that stayed with me. While a virtual conference may decrease the chance of ‘bumping’ into people, there will still be plenty of opportunities to meet other like minded people online.

5. Do it from the comfort of your own home

What’s not to love about a virtual conference. No longer will you get lost looking for the right room, there’s no waiting in queues for toilets and there’s no tiring journey back home! Instead you can make yourself at home and watch in absolute comfort. Social distancing rules pending, you may even think about inviting some friends over to watch with you!
So there you have it, five great reasons to attend The Justice Conference. If you haven’t got your ticket yet already, now’s the time to do just that!

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