After Rain

Metal air, an interruption

gathering change, a soft destruction.

The rain;

it’s introduction. 

Purple hues

and violet blues.

We loose

in static cues of sound

we choose what is found

and learn the power of disruption.

And what is found in empty rooms?

what seeds are sown in earthy wombs,

in pain

what grows from tombs?

When wind turns to breeze

and storm to ease

rains cease

by degrees, from it’s hand,

the storm frees the land.

Rain makes way for change, and so, it blooms.

When soil is rich and water-blessed

and earth is soft and soothed by rest

new life

once more is pressed

up from the ground

and all around


the first new sound of a song

to confound the wrong.

Oh, how the storms bring out Earth’s best.

Dawn flames the sky, begins to restore

a new world forms, and at its core

is change.

Look at what’s in store

come alive!

Now sun arrive


let’s strive to be

all I’ve longed to see

and lean into immeasurably more.

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