God’s justice letter

To my broken world, 

Everything was created by me and for me. (Col 1:16) From the stars to the mountains and smallest  birds, all creation praises me, (Psalms 148:1-10) for I give life to all things (Neh 9:6) My reign is  founded on righteousness and justice (Psalm 89:14), the earth full of my steadfast love (Psalm 33:5) 

And I created people, my own image-bearers (Gen 1:27) in whom I delight (Zeph 3:17), to care justly  and kindly for this world (Gen 2:15), for one another (Zech 7:9) and to praise me (Isaiah 43:21). Then  I called all I had made very good, every part in harmony with one other (Gen 1:31). 

So why was it not enough for you to live on the good things I had given you? You’ve exploited the  land until it’s no use anymore (Ezek 34: 17) Could you not be satisfied with all you already had? You’ve taken more and more until there is no space left for others (Isaiah 5:8). This world was never  really yours – I only gave it to you as tenants for a little while. (Lev 25:23) Not only that; you deny the  poor and the powerless their rights (Jer 5:28). You exploit them, taking advantage of their labour (Deut 24:14), and stealing even what little they have from them (Ezek 22:29) How have my image bearers become people who are happy to live in pride, greed and lazy comfort, even when the  needy are just outside your door? (Ezek 16:49) Creation’s song has turned to groaning under the  weight of what you have done. (Rom 8:22). 

Rather, this is what I really ask of you: fight for others’ freedoms and take their burdens upon  yourself. Share your food with the hungry; open your homes to the homeless (Isaiah 58:6-7, Gal 6:2), even if you have just two clothes to wear, that’s enough to give one of them away. (Luke 3:11) In  business, don’t take everything you can for profit; leave some so that the poor can make their own  living too (Lev 23:22). As for immigrants, don’t discriminate against them because of where they’re  from (Deut 24:14). Don’t you remember you were foreigners yourself when I rescued you from  slavery, (Exodus 22:21) strangers to me except for my grace? (Eph 2:8-10) 

Think about how my Son lived, my perfect image-bearer (Col 1:15). He looked after the broken  (Mark 2:17) lived among the marginalised, (Luke 15:2) offered freedom for the oppressed. (Luke  4:18) Through his sacrifice and by my grace, he offered a new way of life (Eph 1:7), a kingdom where  everyone, especially the poor – is invited in (Matthew 5:3). I’m not judging based on your race, your  background, or your gender; you are all my children. (Gal 3:26) Genuinely living the way my Son did,  is being a family for those who don’t have one (James 2:5). Relearn what community looks like: one body where each part looks out for the others, sharing both their joy and pain. (1 Corinthians 12:25- 26). When you show love in action, people will see my love through you (I John 3:17-18) and a little of my Kingdom on earth (Matt 6:10). 

And one day, I’ll perfectly restore all things to be in right relationship with one another (2 Peter 3:13)  On that day, justice will roll down like waters, righteousness like an ever-flowing stream (Amos 5:24).  The wolf will lie down with the lamb (Isaiah 11:6), the foreigner will be an equal citizen (Eph 2:19),  and all creation will praise me (Psalm 145:10). You will be my people, and I will be your God (Jer  30:22). I will wipe every tear from your eyes, and there will be no more pain (Rev 21:4). You will  never thirst again, because my water of life will sustain all things (Rev 22:1, 17). You shall need no  earthly light, because my light shall be everywhere (Rev 21:23). And I shall dwell among my people  in the land forever (Rev 21:3).

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