World Day of Social Justice 2022

On 20 February, we celebrate the UN’s World Day of Social Justice, a day celebrating action taken and reminding us that social justice is still needed. 

What is social justice?

Social justice is the concept that human rights protect everyone and give access to food, shelter and education. That social justice provides the opportunity to participate safely, speak on political matters, and achieve equity. Those who are experiencing discrimination receive the support they need to create equality. 

Why is it important?

Achieving social justice is essential for us as Christians because it’s what God has called us to do. Many stories of inequality in the Bible reveal God’s role in resolving the issue. 

In the story of the Good Samaritan, God tells us to love our enemies and help those in need (Luke 10:25-37). Jesus empathises with the woman at the well, who faces neglect from society because of her past (John 4:1-42). God helps his people out of slavery in Egypt (Exodus 1-10). It is made clear that God wants us to help others, making sure all people are treated fairly and provided with the support they need. Therefore, as Christians, we should strive to do just that.

How can we get involved? 

In the UK, we do not have to face inequality such as war, famine and a national lack of education provision. However, there are ways we can take action on this World Day of Social Justice in the hope that we will get closer to the goal of achieving social justice.

1. Learn and educate ourselves on global injustice 

There is so much going on, so it can be challenging to know where to start. By looking deeper into a cause you’re passionate about, you can understand the issues and what needs to change. Research will help you know what you can do to make a difference

2. Take action.

You could take financial action, such as donating to Tearfund, a charity supporting those experiencing social injustices. Other ways to take action are campaigning and raising awareness, petitioning leaders to make changes and boycotting companies (and organisations) that are unjust in their ethics. 

3. Tell others.

Make them aware of justice issues and show them ways to educate themselves on their passions and take action in their way. You could share your perspective by discussing injustices amongst family and friends when issues arise. Or you could even write and share on social media. Or speak to people at your church, giving ideas of what your church could do.

4. But most importantly, pray.

I feel all Christian blogs end this way, but that’s because it’s so important. We need to put our complete trust in God, ask for forgiveness in this broken world and allow him to be our Guide, our light in the darkness. 

Press here for more information on World Social Justice Day

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